Transforming Jewish identities, communities and Israel through Inclusive, experiential & educational solutions.

Great Jewish education is not about giving simple answers to tough questions. It is about inspiring people to ask the relevant questions that can help them interpret their identity in a pluralistic Jewish world. Melitz programs are carefully designed to provoke curiosity about Israel and the Jewish people. Using sites, sources and creativity, Melitz programs enable people to grapple with difficult issues and transform them into educational moments with long-term impact.

Melitz’s educational programs

What makes Melitz’s educational programs so special? There are two main factors:  the quality of our educators and our unique and inclusive educational approach with an emphasis on pluralism.  People often comment on the huge impact our staff members have made through the programs they run.  We are not trying to “sell” a particular brand of Judaism or Zionism

About Us

Melitz creates innovative educational programs that enable a meeting place between an individual’s personal story and the collective narratives of the Jewish people and Israeli society. Melitz educators embrace a plurality of approaches and offer participants the tools to build and interpret their own Jewish identities and translate the educational experience into active commitment.

Melitz Travel

Our Unique Approach
On a vacation anywhere in the world, you can hire an excellent guide who will bring history to life and make your trip memorable. However, for a visitor to Israel, the trip should be transformative and life changing, as the people you meet, the places you visit and the history you learn is your own.

This is why Melitz offers a unique approach to Israel travel.