Melitz – מליץ

Transforming Jewish concepts of identity, community and Israel Through Inclusivity, experience and education

Effective Jewish education is not about providing simple answers to difficult questions. It is about providing the inspiration to form those questions through which we can interpret our own identities within the framework of a multi- faceted Jewish world. Melitz programs are carefully designed with the intention of provoking curiosity about Jewish Peoplehood and contemporary expressions of Jewishness. Through the use of interactive and dynamic sources and platforms, Melitz programs aim to enable people to grapple with the difficult issues in their lives and their Jewishness, and transform them into meaningful educational opportunities with long- term impacts.




רדיו מליץ עבר למתכונת ללא שידורים ישירים

Radio Melitz

One people many voices – Creating Jewish Peoplehood with Passion