A Word from the Director

Thank you for your time in exploring Melitz’s website! I am so pleased to welcome you here and hope you come back for updates on our activity. 

Melitz’s purpose in the creation of Jewish educational content at the core of which is participant engagement in Jewish memory, with the goal of encouraging people to develop their own interpretations of their Jewishness. Our agenda is totally pluralistic and non – affiliated.  Our educational staff comprises of an endless variety of perspectives, with the common goal of strengthening the cultural, intellectual and spiritual fabric of Israel society and the Jewish People.

Melitz’s top priority is the strengthening of the bonds between Jews to Jewish memory, culture and identity. We believe that our potential as Jews, as a people, to make ourselves and the world better, can be substantially enabled and enriched by encounters with Jewish culture and tradition from our pasts and presents.

All Melitz programs are designed with this in mind, and to give participants and educational influencers significant experiences- which they can forever experience as meaningful contributions to their own Jewishness and Judaism as a whole.  Effective Jewish education is about providing outstanding experiences and the opportunity for reflection upon them, with gentle guidance.

I hope that you enjoyed our website and that you avail yourself of our many resources, in order to develop a Jewish educational program for your community.