A Word from the Director

Thank you for taking some time to explore the new Melitz Web Site. I am pleased to welcome you here and hope you come back to visit us often.

Melitz creates Jewish education programs that engage participants with Jewish memory and help them develop their own interpretations of that shared memory. Our approach is completely pluralist. Among our staff are educators from a wide range of religious and secular perspectives, but each of them is committed to the broader goal of strengthening the cultural, intellectual and spiritual fabric of Israeli society and the wider Jewish people.

Melitz sees as its top priority the strengthening of the bonds that can connect Jews worldwide to Jewish memory, culture and identity. We believe that our potential, as a people, to do good for ourselves and the wider world, can be substantially enriched by the encounter with the Jewish cultural tradition from both our past and present.

All Melitz programs are designed to give participants and educational change agents a significant experience that they can look back on in later years as having made a meaningful contribution to their Jewish thinking and practice. We believe strongly that great Jewish education is about providing outstanding experiences and the opportunity to reflect on these experiences with the help of a great educator.

We hope that you enjoy this site and the resources we offer you. I hope that you will turn to Melitz soon for help in developing a Jewish educational program for your community.

Ami Infeld,