Educational Services

What makes Melitz’s educational programs so special? There are two main factors: the quality of our educators and our unique, inclusive educational approach which emphasizes pluralism. We receive many comments on the huge impact our educative staff makes through the programs which they teach. This is made possible through the fact that we do not seek to “sell” any particular brand of Judaism or Zionism, but rather to aid participants in appreciating the wide range of views and perspectives which exist within the sphere of Judaism and Zionism and embracing the ones most suited to themselves. This lack of dogma, not to be confused with a lack of ideology, serves the long- term growth of the Jewish people very well.

We continue to be confronted by big educational challenges which throw shadows of uncertainty onto the futures of Israel and the Jewish world as a whole. Melitz’s creative educational approach is designed for the continuous development of new initiatives which will entice and empower young Jews to assume responsibility for their Jewish futures and the Jewish future of the world.

Educational Services
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