Melitz’s Educational Games

Melitz’s Educational Games – games that creat discourse, group formation, personal connections in a fun and creative way, a must for anyone who has formal and informal education in Jewish Peoplehood, continuity and Jewish. These games will allow their players to discover curiosity about the Jewish world from a unifying and non-judgmental perspective.

The 5 Legged Table Game – Learn about Avraham Infeld’s unique and groundbreaking approach to contemporary Jewish identity through a new card game that allows you to identify and examine different situations in the Jewish world from the 5 Legged Table perspective. A must game for family, organizations, communities, educational settings, youth movements, facilitators, teachers and more.

Suitable for the whole year not just for Chanukah

Here and There – A game that allows players from different backgrounds to get to know each other’s world from a non-judgmental perspective, a game that encourages curiosity and creativity. Imagine the “There” and the “Here” of the other and experience how they imagine us. A game that breaks down every stereotype and prejudice, and creates understanding and opportunity to create a partnership. This game will open up a discourse on different perspectives, how we think about ourselves and others and much more.

DESCRIBE IT – In this fun game, participants will be required to convey and describe to their peers a basic concept from four categories of the Jewish People’s World. The game challenges the collective memory, will participants succeed in bridging the distance and the various interpretations of this concept of memory?
This game challenges commentary on shared memory, excellent for group formation and interpersonal acquaintance. A must-have game for every mentor, teacher, classroom, community organization and training team and much more.

Special prices for quantitative purchase, there is the option to purchase a package deal that includes the three games + a copy of Avraham Infeld’s Book ” A Passion for A People – Lessons from the Life of a Jewish Educator