Melitz Travel

Our Unique Approach

On a vacation anywhere in the world, you can hire an excellent guide who will bring history to life and make your trip memorable. However, for a visitor to Israel, the trip should be transformative and life-changing, as the people you meet, the places you visit and the history you learn is your own.

This is why Melitz offers a unique approach to Israel travel.

Rather than ‘off-the-rack, one size fits all’ tours, each program is specifically designed for you and with you, based on your community’s needs and educational vision, because you know your community better than anyone.  From your first contact with us, you will be partnered with a Melitz educator who will build your tour with you, from Aleph to Tav, including land and air and everything you need to guarantee an extraordinary trip.

Your itinerary is designed, staffed and guided by tour educators to ensure your trip is educationally driven.  A tour educator is a  Jewish educator who is also a tour guide; a subtle but significant shade of meaning.

For example, a tour guide might explain to your group the historical events that took place at Masada, but a Melitz tour educator will also help them see how this is relevant to their lives as Jews in 21st century North America. This transforms them from tourists to links in the chain. All this is done in a creative, informal educational fashion, so participants learn while having fun.

What is Educational Guiding?

Some trips to Israel are planned to include sites visited in a sequence dictated by proximity.  Locations are chosen based on expectations of what tourists should see, rather than with thematic, educational goals in mind.

A Melitz trip, however, is special as each day has an educational theme with activities and sites chosen according to their relevance to the theme and to each other. Together these days form a coherent, educational story-line based on the community’s vision and goals. Smooth logistics are vital to a successful trip but with Melitz these follow the educational considerations rather than lead them, ensuring that every day is both meaningful and logistically practical. And, because the educator who plans the trip is often the same person who guides the trip, the result is a more holistic and integrated educational experience.

We see you as a full partner in the creative process of refining and tweaking until the itinerary is an accurate reflection of your educational and community- building goals for your trip to Israel. We will personalize according to your desires, adding in a Tikkun Olam volunteer experience, or programs and/or hospitality with people and organizations affiliated

with a specific religious stream or P2K community, or Pluralistic Jewish learning to name just a few options… Melitz Travel offers you maximum flexibility while still guaranteeing an outstanding educational experience.

Personalized Attention

From your first contact with Melitz, you are assigned a tour educator to work with your group.

Via e-mail, phone conferencing or face-to-face meetings, the educator will develop an understanding of the specific nature and needs of your group as well as your educational vision. Melitz will then suggest to you a custom designed a preliminary itinerary for your feedback.

Once approved, you will then receive our competitive pricing plan and a contract so that you may proceed in the itinerary building and planning process.  When you sign off on the final itinerary, all arrangements will be secured including air, hotels and site visits. In addition, a customized sourcebook will be prepared just for your group in several age-appropriate formats.

Your contact with the Melitz educator doesn’t end there.

We will continue to be in touch and available to you before, during and after your journey.

All groups, big or small receive the same level of personalized attention. Just ask others who have worked with us in the past.

Contributions: At your discretion, you can utilize your trip to support an organization of your choice, by adding a dollar amount to the per person cost.