One people Many voices

Connecting Schools, Teachers and Students worldwide on Radio Melitz

Are you interested in an opportunity for your students to meet their peers from Israel?

In enabling them to create radio and multimedia broadcasts together?

To be part in Jewish peoplehood in practice?

Melitz in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Education are proud to present this cutting edge project where students from Israel and Jewish communities around the world will experience together an educational creative track on the way to producing joint multimedia & radio broadcasts.

Target Audience: Eighth Grades (5-6 participants from each location)

Length: about 10 weeks

  • Radio Melitz will broadcast the Educational products on-line and on a dedicated web page on-demand basis on the radio website
  • Educational staff: Melitz educators and coordinators from the Ministry of Education –
  • Supervision and technical implementation:

For more info on this project please connect: