Sfat Am – שפת עם

The International Beit Midrash On Hebrew – In Hebrew

Led by Melitz

Sfat Am is an international study group comprised of Jewish educators, on the topic of Hebrew language education and the ways in which the Hebrew language can be brought back to the forefront of Jewish life around the world. Sfat Am objectives include:

  • The forging of a direct connection between participants through use of the Hebrew language
  • Widening the global circle of Hebrew speakers
  • Bringing together educators from all over the world who love and speak the Hebrew language
  • Examining new ways to bring the Hebrew language closer to the heart of the Jewish People
  • Creating a more relevant and meaningful space for the Hebrew language within global Jewish life

Sfat Am is not about learning Hebrew or speaking correct Hebrew. Participants will converse in Hebrew at their own levels, with the only core requirement being a love of Hebrew and an understanding of its importance. Other requirements include:

For additional information, please write to us at ivrit@melitz.org